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Hay Lakes' Riders

Year End Wind Up

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A Huge Thank You to our sponsors and our host!
2015 year end awards night photos


Above:  2016 Queen Nicole Goerzen, 1st place lead line barrels, poles, stakes, keyhole, divison highpoint Addison Nygren, 2nd place lead line barrels, poles, stakes, keyhole, division highpoint Paityn Gerezen and 3rd place lead line barrels, poles, stakes, keyhole and division high point Camron Goerzen


Above 2015 Horse with the most Heart: Ludo -  Below:Owner/Rider Paityn Goerzen



Above/Below: 2015 Sportsmanship Award Winner - Kay-Lee Nygren



2015 Highpoint Horse: PALS Mistyblue Lady - Owner/Rider - Anna Nygren


Above:  2015 Horsemanship Award winner Alexis Purves


Above left to right:Pee Wee Division:  presenter: Addison Nygren, Elizabeth Purves 2nd division hp, barrels, poles, stakes and keyhole, & Kay-Lee Nygren 1st division HP, barrels, poles, keyhole and stakes


Above: 2 of the ladies:  2016 Queen Nicole Goerzen placing 1st ladies Flags, 4th poles, stakes, barrels and division highpoint and Anna Nygren placing 2nd ladies barrels, 4th ladies flags and 1st ladies poles, stakes, division highpoint, overall highpoint

Below: Anna Nygren, Taylor Robertson winning 1st ladies barrels, 2nd poles, stakes, flags overall highpoint and Angie Purves 3rd barrels, poles, stakes, flags, division highpoint



Above:  Horse Highpoint left to right: 6th Alonestar (Addison Nygren), 3rd Storm (Elizabeth Purves), 2nd Holly (Taylor Robertson) and 1st PALS Mistyblue Lady (Anna Nygren)

Below:  Nicole, Anna, Addison, Conrad, Damion and Paityn standing in for their horses for overall highpoint horse.



Above:  2016 Queen Nicle Goerzen and junior first place winner in barrels,poles, stakes, keyhole and vision high point Daminan Johnson


Above:  Youth riders in the club are awarded with their competitor plaques:  2016 Queen Nicole Goerzen, Conrad, Damian, Paityn, Addison and Kay-Lee


Above: Maureen Church 2016 senior barrels, poles, stakes, flags and division highpoint winner


Above: 2016 Overall Highpoint Back row first front row second left to right:  3rd Angie Purves, 2nd Taylor Robertson, 1st Anna Nygren, 5th Kay-Lee Nygren & 4th Addison Nygren
Below:  Queen Nicole, Anna, Addison, Kay-Lee and 6th place overall highpoint Paytin


Photos curtesy of Natural Moments photography

We welcome all new members and ideas. For more information on this riding club please contact  Cheryl Wagar 780-719-5578 or email