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Hay Lakes' Riders

Queen Competition

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As we are an organization that will be a part of planning and competing at various equine events we like to have a representative to be the "face" of our club.  We hope to attend some parades as well as plan a few events where presentations are involved.

Our 2019 Hay Lakes Riders' Queen is: 

Sami Turley

2019 Queen Competition Results:
Miss Hay Lakes Riders : 
HLR Princess: 
Miss congeniality:
Miss Public speaking:
Miss Horsemanship:
Miss Sportsmanship:
Miss Speed event: 

Miss Hay Lakes' Riders is expected to represent our group to the best of their ability, promoting horsemanship, sportsmanship, family atmosphere and agriculture.  Miss HLR must be available to attend as many events as possible throughout the year including parades and other planned events throughout the year that corrodinate with previous commitments such as family, school work or other committments that must be met.
As well as Miss HLR we also have a HLR Princess who will attend any and all events possible with or without the queen present, with the same applications. 

Queen Competition:
Each association may sponsor a queen.  All girls must be at least 14 years of age (marital status irrelevant) by January 1st of current year.  Queen candiadates will be judged on:
     a) Equitation.............................25%
     b) Gymkhana............................25%
     c) Personality.........20 + 5.........25%
     d) Prepared Speech...................25%
Western Equitation is to be judged prior to the Queen's gymkhana Class.
Personality will be judged at a "Queen Supper". The Queen candidates will be accompanied to supper by the reigning queen, and two Personality judges.
Winning Queen to be announced after the last Queen judged event, when all judges can converse and decide.

If you are interested in representing our group as HLR princess please contact; Trina Banks 780-995-5841 or email

We welcome all new members and ideas. For more information on this riding club please contact  Cheryl Wagar 780-719-5578 or email