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Hay Lakes' Riders

2017 Present Standings

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2017 Year End Results and Records
Hay Lakes Riders Record Times
2017 Present Standings
Year End Wind Up Photos

For the friendly competitors to keep up to date with present standings we have set up this page to be updated once the 2017 season commences.

Lead Line:
Coltan Selin
Axl Selin
Brantley Selin
Aydon Mabbutt
Claira Torpe
Adlee Torpe
Khile Bellamy
Austin Bellany

Pee Wee:
None this year

Samatha Turley
Alyvia Huard

None this year

Cheryl Wagar
Haley Mabbutt
Rosemary Chandler
Jamie Oszust
Trina Peterson
Jessica Malott

None this year

Jody Mabbutt
Ken Storms
George Wall
Fran Barker

We welcome all new members, ideas. For more information on this riding club please contact  Cheryl Wagar 780-719-5578 or email